Hello! I’m Jessica. I am an interior designer with a holistic approach to designing homes and workplaces.

I specialise in luxury, contemporary interiors that have craftsmanship at the heart.

I have long been fascinated with how our homes can impact the way we think and feel. A well designed home can support our sense of wellbeing by putting us in a happy head space and increasing our productivity.


I am a great believer that the home you inhabit reflects your thoughts, so for me, it’s such a delight to design and streamline a space tailored to fit your personal needs.

We can thrive and think clearly when we are not wrestling with mountains of clutter, or avoiding a room that simply isn't suited to how we want to live.

I combine my interest in psychology and love of design to create homes to flourish in.



I have worked as a designer since 2010 having set up my studio straight after graduating. I received commissions for window displays, installations and editorial projects for the likes of Christian Louboutin, BBC, Google, Mulberry, LVMH, Liberty, Selfridges, Tatler and Stylist, ITV and John Lewis.

Whilst I loved designing and making beautiful installations for these brands, there was a distinct lack of permanence, which left me with a desire to create something more sustainable, that can live on and be enjoyed every day…. this lead me to setting up Jessica Dance Interiors.