Me, Myself & Minimalism

I'm a relative new comer to the world of Minimalism, for a long time I felt that Minimalism wasn't for me, as, after all I was different, I needed lots of stuff? Didn't I?

I have always desperately wanted to be organised, and I sort of have always been organised, but it was an absolute uphill struggle, only I understood my 'organised' system, I could not understand why organisation felt like such a challenge. Then, one day something occurred to me, I had Too. Much. Stuff.

My need for organisation and my fancy for frivolous purchases were causing a strange kind of internal conflict.

Slowly I started streamlining my possessions, and it really was a slow start, but gradually I gained momentum and actually started to enjoy the process. Fast forward two years and I feel like I am really refining what I need and use everyday, and I enjoy and appreciate what I have far more than I ever used to.


No longer am I over consuming or buying things to fill a void. This was a big mind set shift and it did feel slightly uncomfortable at times, but it made me dig deep and ask myself some questions about why I was really buying things, the answers ran far deeper than 'I bought the parrot jug because it looked nice'. I kept reminding myself (and still do!) that growth is meant to be uncomfortable, we grow so we have something to give, and this is when we can start feeling fulfilled.

I have learnt a lot about myself during my minimalist journey so far. It is an ongoing, ever evolving journey, as lives change and shape shift, so our wants and needs change too.

My home is not a minimalist shell by any stretch of the imagination, I do have things, but only things that I love, it is no longer padded with with excess that I don't need, my mind feels the same too, I feel less overwhelmed and less anxious. My stuff was stifling me.